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Tan Hong Kiat

About Me:

  • First Name - Hong Kiat; Last Name (Surname) - Tan.
    Thus, a common variant of my name (according to the US naming convention) would be Hong Kiat Tan or HK Tan in short.
    A US alias that I commonly use while I'm ordering some food/drinks would be Max.

  • 2nd-year Ph.D. student in Applied Mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles.

  • Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science with Honours (Highest Distinction) in Applied Mathematics from the National University of Singapore.

    • Primary Major: Applied Mathematics

    • Second Major: Physics

    • Minor: Statistics

Research Interests:

  • Partial Differential Equations​ (PDEs)

    • Analysis of PDEs,

    • Applied PDEs,

    • Numerical PDEs, and

    • Stochastic DEs/PDEs,

  • Mathematical and Computational Physics

    • Fluid Dynamics,

    • Statistical Mechanics, and

    • General Relativity.​

  • Statistics and Applied Statistics

    • Mathematical Statistics,

    • Bayesian Statistics, and

    • Machine Learning.​

Bolded: Projects in progress,

Underlined: Potential/upcoming projects,

None: Previous subareas/potential projects in the near future


  • You can find my CV here. (Updated Oct 2023)


Currently Teaching:

  • I'm TA-ing for Math 135: Ordinary Differential Equations (Dis 3A) in Fall 2023.

Teaching Experiences:

  • You can access them here.



I'm up for tutoring students for undergraduate Math classes at UCLA, which include:

  • Lower-division classes:

    • Calculus 31AB,

    • Multivariable Calculus 32AB,

    • Linear Algebra/Differential Equations 33AB, and

    • Discrete Structures 61.

  • Selected upper-division classes:

    • Analysis 131AB, 132,

    • Linear Algebra 115AB,

    • Differential Equations 134,135,136,

    • Numerical Analysis 151AB,

    • Probability & Statistics 170E/S, and

    • Other Applied Math classes (possibly).

  • Physics/Statistics classes:​

    • Possibly some of the lower/upper div classes. Contact for more information.​

Feel free to contact me via my UCLA email as listed below if you are interested.

Contact Me

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