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Degree Programs:

  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    • 3rd-year Ph.D. student for Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics.
    • M.A. in Mathematics (Awarded in June 2022).
    • Qualifying exams passed: 
      • Basic.
      • Applied Differential Equations. and
      • Numerical Analysis.

  • National University of Singapore:
    • Bachelor of Science with Honours (Highest Distinction) in Applied Mathematics;

    • NUS Merit Scholarship

    • Awards:

      • Dean's List
        - Awarded to top 5% of the total undergraduate Science students for Academic Year 2018/19, 2019/20, 2020/21 Semesters 1 and 2.

      • Ho Family Prize
        - Awarded to the best overall student in Applied Mathematics who has passed the examination for Degree of Bachelor of Science (Honours) for Academic Year 2020/21.

      • Tan Siak Kew Gold Medal
        - Awarded to the best student in Science III for Academic Year 2019/2020​

      • Tan Teck Chwee Prize
        - Awarded to the best student in Applied Mathematics III for Academic Year 2019/20.

      • Sembcorp Marine Prize
        - Awarded to two of the best students in Physics III for Academic Year 2018/19.

      • Arthur Rajaratnam Prize
        - Awarded to the best student in PC2193 Experimental Physics I for Academic Year 2018/19.

      • Jurong Shipyard Prize
        - Awarded to two of the best students in Physics I for Academic Year 2017/18.

  • University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill:

    • Undergraduate Summer Exchange Student (Summer 2019)

    • NUS Overseas Summer Undergraduate Research Oppourtunity in Science

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Relevant Graduate Coursework at UCLA:

  • Mathematics:
    • Differential Equations

      • Applied Differential Equations: Math 266A, 266B, 266C

      • Partial Differential Equations: Math 251A, 251B x 2, 251C (Topic Classes)

    • Applied and Computational Mathematics

      • Numerical Analysis: Math 269C

      • Optimization and Calculus of Variation: Math 273A, 273B

      • Scientific Computation and Numerical Linear Algebra: Math 270A

      • Statistics: Stats 200B, 200C

    • Analysis

      • Real Analysis: Math 245A, 245C

      • Complex Analysis: Math 246A

      • Harmonic Analysis: Math 247A

      • Functional Analysis: Math 255A, 255B

Course Descriptions: See

Relevant Undergraduate/Graduate Coursework at NUS:

  • Mathematics/Statistics (Undergraduate):
    • Mathematical Analysis, Complex Analysis, and Functional Analysis.

    • Ordinary Differential Equations, and Partial Differential Equations (PDEs).

    • Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Regression Analysis, Stochastic Processes, and Mathematical Methods in Machine Learning.

    • Statistical Simulation, Numerical Analysis, and Numerical Methods in Differential Equations.

  • Physics/Engineering (Undergraduate):

    • Mathematical (Methods in) Physics I, II, and III, Classical Mechanics, and Fluid Dynamics.

    • Statistical Mechanics & Thermal Physics I and II, Quantum Mechanics I, II and III.

  • Mathematics/Physics (Graduate):

    • Partial Differential Equations and Topic Classes,
      (Conservation Laws, Boltzmann Equation, and Green's Functions)

    • Applied PDEs and Asymptotic Analysis,

    • Riemannian Geometry,

    • Stochastic Analysis in Mathematical Finance,

    • Advanced Fluid Dynamics (from Mechanical Engineering Department), and

    • Graduate Statistical Mechanics (Audit; from Physics Department).

Module Descriptions: See

Programming Languages:

  • Python
  • R
  • Mathematica
  • LaTeX
  • Julia

© 2022 by HK Tan

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